The New Year bell of 2020 has sounded, with a full of national honor and pride, all over the country in different ways to celebrate the arrival of the New year, and as a common growth with the motherland, Jinke and 10,000 owners, with a grand and warm-hearted neighborhood culture festival, together to welcome the arrival of the New year, sincere wishes for the motherland: with the motherland, good.


Neighborhood Culture Festival is the annual event of Jinke owners, has become a major IP representing the Chinese neighborhood culture. On January 5, Jinke 12th Neighbourhood Culture Festival in Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha and other national eight cities jointly opened:\" Chinese Dragon Dance \"to welcome the Spring Festival, rural New Year's Gift Package, colorful market, while bringing many owners a good experience, but also give the Neighbourhood Culture Festival this IP a new meaning.


As another highlight of this Jinke neighborhood culture festival, the wonderful performance of \"Chinese Dragon Dance\" adds a peaceful and happy moral to this neighborhood culture festival. Tonglianglong dance has both elegant posture, but also the spirit of the river, with the big props, big set, big changes, big scene interpretation of the momentum, while accompanied by the joyous folk blowing music to create a grand festive atmosphere, let the owners feel the unity of the Chinese nation fighting, striving for the national spirit.


There is also a warm detail at the scene of the peaceful and happy event, which is a gift package containing a variety of delicious New Year's products, which is Jinke's practical action to help the sale of green agricultural products in poor areas through the industrial chain of poverty alleviation, and to generate income for the poor. In the past 21 years, Jinke's adherence to public welfare has formed \"Red Sun Project \",\" Precision Poverty Alleviation \",\" Big Community Volunteer Day\" and other series of brand public welfare projects. So far, Jinke has invested more than 1.7 billion yuan in public welfare and 30 billion yuan in state-level poor counties. This time, Jinke will be the achievements of poverty alleviation, directly in front of the owners of the country, so that whether in the distant farmers, or in the owners here, there is a beautiful new year to look forward to.


The times have developed to this day, our motherland and social environment are changing with each passing day, we all know that the motherland is strong, everyone's life can be better, and the enterprise can continue to develop. Likewise, everyone is fighting for a better future.


Every year,12 years is consistent. Jinke neighborhood art festival, not only a party, but also a wake-up, let the owners who have never met from acquaintance to talk to each other, with wonderful performance, warm reunion, awaken people's enthusiasm for home and hope for a good life, is Jinke in the transmission of the \"good life\" concept of the practice.


In addition to Jinke's reputation for product development in the market, Jinke is also known as the \"neighborhood.\" Since 2008, jinke has pioneered \"neighborhood culture\" in the country, set up a community culture guide, with the theme of \"beauty and good with each other\" as the theme, in the jinke community to promote the \"respect for the elderly, beloved wife, parents and children, good-neighborly, cherish their own\" life proposition, and raise it to the brand strategic height. Every year, Jinke will systematically implement neighborhood kinship activities and ten thousand neighborhood activities, in the Jinke community to shape a warm culture and way of life, but also won the majority of the owners and all walks of life highly recognized. Jinke insisted on turning \"strangers\" into \"good-neighborliness,\" and the survey results showed that Jinke's owner satisfaction had exceeded 90 percent for eight years in a row, maintained a leading market share in the central and western regions for another six years, and the comprehensive strength of cities such as Chongqing and Wuxi first, as well as the top five and the top 10 service scale in the country, won the valuable reputation of 5 million owners.


There is also a particularly warm team in the Jinke community, which is a large community volunteer team of owners and property, which is also born in the community atmosphere of \"co-governance, trust, fraternity \". In 2017, jinke took the lead in setting up the \"big community volunteer day\" nationwide, allowing the public to enter the community, let the owners also participate in the public good, the first time to reach out to those in need. From one person, to a family, to a community, every year the Jinke big community volunteer day can be organized to a large number of caring owners, together with the Youth Zhi Association and other social public welfare teams to carry out the Jinke type of public welfare to the end.


Founded in 1998, Jinke, after more than 20 years of innovation and development, has now formed a large-scale enterprise group with the people's livelihood real estate development, science and technology industry investment and operation, living services, cultural tourism and health care and other related diversified industries in one coordinated development, in 23 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government completed the layout. Continuous innovation, constantly beyond, to the world-class enterprise group of excellence.


Jinke adheres to the development of people's livelihood real estate, living services, while vigorously promoting the investment and operation of science and technology industry, committed to become the leading domestic scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence, Internet, big data and other characteristics of the investment, construction, incubation, operation platform; actively layout of cultural tourism and health industry, closely linked to the national strategy of rural revitalization and cultural, health industry development strategy, continue to increase investment in tourism, health, health, education and other related industries.


In 2016, Jinke established a brand-new claim as well as a corporate mission -\" A good life for you,\" transforming from a property developer to a good life servicer. Since then, this concept has been running through every action of Jinke, taking the field of people's livelihood real estate development as an example, inheriting the spiritual appeal of oriental human settlements, creating \"Qionghua, Bo Cui, Jimei\" three major product lines,\" life building \"as the core of products, adhere to the rational spirit of Jinke product research and development and humanistic care. And the successful holding of the neighborhood culture festival, is also more than 20 years of Jinke focus on a beautiful embodiment. In the future, Jinke is looking forward to creating a better future with more people.